Hi Everyone,
Wrinkles started her med for the liver. It is called Marin. We are hoping it will help her.
Gummi my friends cat died from bad URI with pneumonia. My friend is very upset.

Today my friends sphynx Gummi died. This should not have happened. I am very mad about what has happened. My Wrinkles threw up last night.
Wrinkles 04/12/2011
A few weeks ago my poor Wrinkles got hypothermia and she could not stand and just fell down. Her temp was 88 and we rushed her to a vet. Her Alt is was 747 and her BUN and WBC were high. I took her to my vet and she had some more tests. Her ALT is still high and the vet thinks she has a liver problem. She also has a infection. She wants to retest her next month and said if her number are still high she will need a ultrasound and maybe a liver biopsy. I am so scared for her right now.

CRF Supplies Ect 09/17/2010
Hi Everyone,

Thanks to Everyone that cared about Coco.
I will get back to everyone I have not answered yet.
If anyone needs meds ect I have 1 bottle of Azodyl only 1 pill was used./For CRF
6 cans of Hi Tor Renal Food.
Fortekor/Benazepril compounded/Full Bottle Heart/BP Med
...2/3 weeks of Norvasc/Amlodipine compounded B/P Med
Huge bottle of Aluminium hydroxide/Phos Binder
Half a bottle of Epakitin/Binder.

Hi Everyone,

Coco threw another blood clot today... She got really bad, and started crying as she couldn't make into the pan... I found her crying half way inside of the litter box... I picked her up and put her out, and for some reason she went back to the litter box and just laid in there crying... She never cried like that before... She let me know it was time...
We immediately took her to the vet where I said my good byes on the door... I just couldn't go inside... I couldn't do it... Steve took her in...
From there we went to the Cemetery where they took her paw prints and laid her to rest.... Below are Coco's last picture, taken on the way on her last trip to the vet... and her paw prints...
I miss my baby so much... Sorry... I can't write anything anymore... It's hard to think.... I have a bad headache....
Thank you for all the love, prayers, donations, and good thoughts...
Coco tried to use the litter pan tonight but did not make it in.
She peed on the floor.
I think I may lose her tomorrow because she can barely walk and falls over.
The vet said I can come before 2 and then they would put her in a box so we can take her to the cemetery.
I dread this.
Her right eye has a ulcer and the pupil is messed up from the strokes.
She has always been my fav cat.
My poor sphynx Cleo is very close to her and so is Meeko.
Meeko became s upset when Stormy died she needed a vet.
Also I lived in San Bruno for until 1999 and know the area that is on fire very well.
My dad still has the house I grew up in but lucky it is away from the fire.
Prayers for everyone in San Bruno.

Update on Coco 09/04/2010
Hi Everyone,

Coco is not doing well this week. Her URI is worse again but her PCV is better; it looks like the Epogen started working. I fear I will lose her soon.

I am sorry I have not posted in a few days. Coco is still weak no matter what we try.

I am out of town attending a cat show and she is boarded at my vet where she is cared for around the clock. I would have taken her here but was I afraid she would die in the hotel. I have another cat I love just as much as her…. That cat is Cleo <3.

Thank you all so much for all the prayers, purrs, good wishes and donations, from the bottom of our hearts!

Hi Everyone,
I just tried to get Coco to eat but she wont and she can no longer walk because she is to weak.
She looks very anemic to me also and her nose still has the green discharge no matter what I do.
KC has given me great advice but nothing seems ti help her.
I am so scared I will lose her this week.
Coco had her BP and PCV tests today.
Her Bp was 170 and her PCV is worse even on the Epogen.
It is down to 17% from 20% last week.
Also if anyone wants a bottle of BP meds I have
Thanks to everyone that has donated so far.
I used the donations to pay the vet bill today but still owe more money to the vet and the credit cards.
Coco is worth every penny I have spent.
I will not give up on her and dread the day I lose her.
She is the only cat left from before my mom died in 1999.
Coco is such a nice cat and always accepts new cats the first time she sees them.
Sashas Bday 08/24/2010
Today my Sasha is 4 years old.
She has purred all day and is very happy.
Coco ate more food today but is still skin and bones and weak.
She is purring and did meow for food though.
The vet told me she is so easy to do tests on because she is very nice.
My Meeko is so mean to the vet.