Coco tried to use the litter pan tonight but did not make it in.
She peed on the floor.
I think I may lose her tomorrow because she can barely walk and falls over.
The vet said I can come before 2 and then they would put her in a box so we can take her to the cemetery.
I dread this.
Her right eye has a ulcer and the pupil is messed up from the strokes.
She has always been my fav cat.
My poor sphynx Cleo is very close to her and so is Meeko.
Meeko became s upset when Stormy died she needed a vet.
Also I lived in San Bruno for until 1999 and know the area that is on fire very well.
My dad still has the house I grew up in but lucky it is away from the fire.
Prayers for everyone in San Bruno.


Taz, Runt, Charles and mommy, Anna, in Illinois
09/09/2010 10:58pm

Sending snuggles and purrs to all of you. The decision is never easy but she is never really gone as long as you hold her memory in your heart.
Snuggles again,
Taz, Runt, Charles and mommy, Anna, in IL

Meepsie, Smokey & Old Mumma Jan
09/09/2010 11:30pm

Jacky, I wish I could come and be with you. It is hard for us, but it is also the last, greatest service we can do for our darling furbabies. Hold her tight, give her all the love, and be brave.

You and yours will be in our thoughts and prayers--Love, purrs and soft headbutts from Meowmepurr, Smokey and Old Mumma Jan

09/10/2010 12:34am

We are sending purrs to all of you.

09/10/2010 2:19am

Hi Jacky,
I am sorry to hear about your sweet girl Coco, but it does sound like it is time. My sweet girl Puss was the same, and even though it tore me apart to take her the vet, I know now that it was the kindest thing to do and that she could pass peacefully with me kissing her.

We will be thinking of you both this weekend, and hope that all of your family and friends are safe from the fire.

Hugs to you all

Julie and Poppy Q

09/10/2010 2:51am

I am so very sorry to hear about your sweet Coco. My sisters and I send you our best purrs as we know how difficult this is. We have been there and we understand the difficulty. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

09/10/2010 4:56am


There comes a time when it is a true kindness to give them peace, to let them go, to stop their suffering. No Being should have to suffer endlessly, so please know you are giving her a gift--the most difficult but the best gift you can give her.

Wishing Coco a peaceful Journey and sending you all healing Light.

09/10/2010 5:57am

It's hard to watch a furry grow weak and know their time is near. Sending warm purrs and tail wags and a hug.

09/10/2010 8:35am

I went right by the fire on the way home yesterday (on I-280). Very intense and scary. Thoughts for the people who lost family members and homes.

And thoughts for you Coco today.

09/10/2010 11:26am

We are so sorry that Coco is leaving for the Bridge. We are wishing her a peaceful journey. We are sending you and Coco lots of purrs and prayers.

09/10/2010 5:02pm

Letting her suffer without any hope of recovery is worse, no matter how much letting her go hurts. We're sorry.

ppuurrrrrss and purrrayers for you all.


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