Hi Everyone,
My Coco is very sick right now and I would do anything for her.
She had a transfusion on July 22nd because her PCV was down to 12%.
I have had Coco since she was young and she has always been my favorite cat.
She has always had asthma and allergies.
When she was 9 she got very sick and the er suggested she be pts.
No one could figure out what was wrong with her.
She had severe anemia then and her fur would come out in clumps.
She also was unsteady on her feet.
The Er vet saved her then she stayed at my vet.
Then when she was 10 she got arthritis.
Those were her only problems until she started getting bladder infections at age 13.
The first infection was with stones that were dissolved with food.
But then the infections would come back within 2 months of being on antibiotics.
She was put on baytril in early 2009 forever because the infection will come back otherwise.
Then in Sept 2008 her kidney numbers were a little high and we found out she had high bp.
She is on many meds now and treatments.
I will do anything for her.
I hate asking for help but my husband has a rare leukemia called HCL.
It is in remission right now.
I had to quit my job when we moved here but am looking for a job.
Coco and my othercats mean more to me then anything else.
If you can help with anything at all it will be much appreciated. Any amount helps. If you can not help financially, please send a prayer our way.
You may call my vets to verify everything, their information is on the right, below the Paypal button.
Thank you so much.

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