Coco had her BP and PCV tests today.
Her Bp was 170 and her PCV is worse even on the Epogen.
It is down to 17% from 20% last week.
Also if anyone wants a bottle of BP meds I have
Thanks to everyone that has donated so far.
I used the donations to pay the vet bill today but still owe more money to the vet and the credit cards.
Coco is worth every penny I have spent.
I will not give up on her and dread the day I lose her.
She is the only cat left from before my mom died in 1999.
Coco is such a nice cat and always accepts new cats the first time she sees them.

08/26/2010 7:35pm

Thank you for the update on Coc.
We have been waiting for it.
Sorry it wasn't better.
We are all purring and praying for you and Coco.
With Love,
KC & Mom ML & Kitties

'Kaika's mom
08/26/2010 11:37pm

The kitties and I are sending healing thoughts and purrs to Coco. I don't know how long she's been on epogen, but it's been my experience with my own kitties who've used it that it take a couple of weeks to kick in. Hope she does better soon.

08/27/2010 2:16am

We are sorry that things are not going so well for dear Coco. We hope that the Epogen will start to work soon for her. We know how emotionally hard it can be providing so much love and care for a dear senior feline friend.

We are still sending you all love and rumbly purrs.

Whicky Wuudler
& Family

08/27/2010 9:31pm

Sending more purrs and tail wags for precious Coco.


Coco we are purring for you. Feel better soon.

08/28/2010 8:47am

We're purring lots for Coco - I (Gypsy) haven't felt like eating or drinking a lot lately, so the v-e-t suggested tryning tuna. Mum has been putting out little tins of tuns msshed up with water and I've been enjoying them...we hope Coco feels like eating soon,


Gypsy & Tasha

08/28/2010 8:55am

Coco is still in our thoughts, Jacky! I hope she perks up today!

08/28/2010 9:13am

We hear Coco didn't eat yesterday. We came by to leave purrs and tail wags for Coco to eat and feel better.

08/29/2010 2:45am

We are sending more purrs for Coco.

08/29/2010 8:45am

Checking back to see how Coco is doing. Hoping the meds are working better now.
Please keep us posted.
Love & Purrs,
Mommy ML & KC

08/29/2010 7:30pm

Sending healing purrrrrsss and purrrrayers to Coco. Come on kittie, eat some, OK?


08/29/2010 10:12pm

We thought we left a comment recently but guess it evaporated. We hope Coco will start to eat soon. You are very dedicated, Coco's mom, to sit up with her to use the vaporizer for her congestion. Purrs and tail wags.

08/30/2010 5:18am

We are all purrring and praying for you, Coco. Gentle (((Hugs)))

08/30/2010 6:05am

Ohhhhh, this breaks my heart. =(

I went through this with my darling Pluto in 2003. Then I lost my beloved Indy in 2006, one month shy of her 15th b'day. My prayers are with you and Coco. I know exactly how hard this is.


Margaret Cloud
08/30/2010 8:24am

I know just what you are dealing with. Sounds like me a couple years ago with my Melody. She did not eat and could not walk either. She is now at peace at the bridge with her other buddies. It is hard to let go but it seems like the time to let Coco go rest in peace. My prayers are with you and purrs and prayers to Coco.

08/30/2010 7:41pm

Oh Jacky, I hope Coco eats for you tonight! **HUGS**


We're sending you lots of love and prayers for Coco.


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