Hi Everyone,
Steve my husband went to the doctor and he is still in remission from a rare leukemia.
Today day is my RB mix Sashas bday. She is 4.
Coco ate some food today and the rash looks better. She developed this rash a few days ago, and the Drs. think it is either a liver problem, a reaction to her High Blood Pressure Medicine, or DIC (Disseminated Intravascular coagulation). I think it is because of the BP meds, as it is getting better since we took her off of it.
She was actually hungry today, and even meowed for food! She will see the vet on Thurs for a PCV test.
It is going to be very hot today.
They are saying record heat.
Please keep Coco in your prayers...

08/24/2010 1:35am

Hello it's great to meet you all. We are very glad that Steve's leukaemia is in remission.

You are such a lovely cast of cats, you all look like real characters. Ignore those dumb people who are rude about Polar, Wrinkles and Cleo.

We send love and rumbly purrs for Coco and hope that her treatments help her feel much better.

Whicky Wuudler
& Gerry

08/24/2010 2:03am

Purrs and prayers and healing Light from us. Wishing you all universal Blessings and Peace.

-The Fuzzy Tales crew and their human

08/24/2010 5:02am

We are purring very hard for sweet Coco. We will also keep your husband in our thoughts and purrayers. Glad to hear he is in remission. That is wonderful news!

08/24/2010 5:10am

We're pleased to see that your husband is still in remission and for Coco eating some food.
We will remember them both for purrs and purrayers.

08/24/2010 5:42am

YAY! Hooray! Good news.
We's purring fur yours Daddy.
Love & Purrs,
KC & Kitties


Hi! We came to visit and smiled to read about your Sphynxies and are sorry you are going through some rough times with your kitties and money is tight, too. We can't afford to donate right now but will keep sending pawsitive vibes your way!

08/24/2010 8:07am

So glad you know the daddy is in remission!

We send lots of purrs and tail wags for Coco.


Coco we are purring for you and for your Dad to stay in remission.


We're purring and praying for Coco. We're glad your husband is in remission! Mom sent you a FB friend request.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

08/24/2010 8:11pm

Sending our best healing purrrrss and hopeful purrrayers. We hope both Coco and Steve recover fully.



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