Hi Everyone,
I am new and have never had a blog before.
I got my first cat when I was 11 and have had cats ever since.
My first cat was a male named Frisky that I lived but lost to a urinary blockage at age 1.
I love helping people out and finding homes for cats that no one wants.
I used to save ferals and would like to do it again.
My oldest cat is 18 and very sick.
Her bio is on my page.
Then there is my Meeko who is 10.
I picked her knowing my Stripe was dying of CRF.
Before I got Meeko I got a call she is very sick so my husband went over to where she was at and rushed her to the er.
She was very anemic and had a a heart murmur.
She was 3 months old at the time.
She is now 10 and loves to play.
Then there is Sasha who is scared of people she does not know.
Once she knows you she is very friendly.
She will be 4 in a this month.
Oreo I asked for because she has fcks.
I said I will take the black and white kitten with the fcks if she lives.
No one would have wanted her.
She will be 3 this month.
Then there are my sphynxs.
My oldest sphynx is 2 and she was the first purebred cat I have ever had.
I loved her so much that I had to get 2 more.
People call them nasty names just because they are hairless.
They are great cats and my Cleo is best friends with my poor sick Coco.

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