Hi Everyone,

Coco is not doing well this week. Her URI is worse again but her PCV is better; it looks like the Epogen started working. I fear I will lose her soon.

I am sorry I have not posted in a few days. Coco is still weak no matter what we try.

I am out of town attending a cat show and she is boarded at my vet where she is cared for around the clock. I would have taken her here but was I afraid she would die in the hotel. I have another cat I love just as much as her…. That cat is Cleo <3.

Thank you all so much for all the prayers, purrs, good wishes and donations, from the bottom of our hearts!


09/04/2010 3:21am

Sending lots of purrz fur Coco...

09/04/2010 11:43pm

We are all sending purrs to sweet Coco.

09/06/2010 10:21am

We just want to see how Coco was doing. We are purring very hard that she will feel better very soon!

09/07/2010 11:55am

We are so sorry to hear Coco is doing so poorly. We are purring for her and for you because we know how difficult this is.

09/07/2010 2:23pm

We are purring for sweet Coco even though we know you do not expect her to make it.
This is so hard, to let go.
Our love and purrs to you,
Missy Blue Eyes
Faith Boomerang
Mom ML

09/07/2010 3:36pm

My sisters and I send loving purrs your way.

09/07/2010 3:44pm

We read your note on the CB and came by to leave lots of purrs and tail wags for Coco. and for you.

09/07/2010 5:25pm

Sending comforting purrrrss and gentle headbuttss. Hang in there, Coco and Jacky and the rest of the family.

A note to Jacky from The Food Source. When the time comes, I try to have the kittie cremated. That way I can take them with me when I move. I move around a lot, and don't want to have to leave one of my fur kids behind when I go. For whatever it might help.

09/08/2010 2:05am

We haven't met Coco before ~ but we are sad she is poorly and will purr and purr for ger recovery. Get well little one.

09/08/2010 2:56am

We heard today that Coco is still not doing very well. We are sending you love and rumbly purrs. We know you will make Coco as comfortable as possible and do the right thing by her.

Whicky & Mum

09/08/2010 3:44am

Hello Jacky! I am so sorry to hear that Coco is not improving. I know how hard it is on your heart to see her so sick. Please know how much we care and are thinking about you.
My dearest friend Diana Nelson told me she knows you...my, it is a small world when we love our cats so much...they seem to bring us together.
Lots of love from the cozy cottage...

09/08/2010 4:47am

We wanted to leave some very strong purrs for sweet coco!

09/08/2010 7:59am

Purrs and purrs and lots of special (((hugs))) for all of you.
When the time comes, I have had my cats cremated. They are still with me in their own special containers. Maybe this seems weird, but I get a special feeling of closeness when I look at their urns. They look over us much closer than at a cemetary. And I am going to be cremated someday and have all our ashes mixed together and spread at a secret special location for us all. Not everyone's choice, I know, but an idea for you. Best wishes at this hard time, and lots of purrayers.

09/08/2010 5:57pm

We thought we left a comment here a day or two ago but it isn't here so we'll leave another one.

We send our best purrs and tail wags for your sweet Coco.

09/08/2010 8:58pm

We's purring and purraying fur yoo.

09/08/2010 8:59pm

We is all purring and purraying fur yew!

09/09/2010 12:56am

I am so very sorry that Coco is so sick. I am sending you my best wishes and prayers and Herman sends soft nose kisses and purrs.

09/09/2010 2:04am

You're in our thoughts and purrayers. We hope that Coco has a peaceful time.


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